One of our favorite yard sign displays is our Welcome Baby Storks. It warms my heart so to prepare the personalized bundle and in some cases sibling signs and deliver it for the new family to find when they bring their newborn bundle of joy home. The stork being 6 feet talk makes quiet a statement and let’s the neighbors know Dad needs some casseroles. Mom is happy of course because the bundle and sibling signs are keepsake items and can be used to decorate the nursery and Proud Big Brother or Proud Big Sisters door. Just give us a call because “We Deliver When You Do”.


Hi everybody. This is our first blog post. Since we have been in the yard greeting business for going on 20 years we have plenty of stories to share. Blogging seemed like he perfect way to share some stories of Flamingo A Friends fun way of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and almost any special occasion. Whether it’s a 40th birthday with a yard full of buzzards or the new trend of creating a special way to ask someone to the prom ( prom-posals) we can help you find a way to surprise that someone special. So keep watching for more blogs to come.